Emergency Electrical in Camas

Electrical problems don't wait until it's convenient for you—they can spring up at any time, day or night, so when you're in need it's essential that you know who to call.

There's nothing worse than calling your regular electrician only to find out they're closed or too busy to help you out, but at Alvis Electrical Inc., we guarantee someone will be available to lend a hand when you need it the most.

Alvis Electrical Inc. has been providing emergency electrical services to Camas for years, and has become a trusted source of relief from any electrical problems that arise in the homes and businesses of Camas.

24-Hour Electrician Near Me

Alvis Electrical Inc. provides a full suite of electrical services, ranging from regularly scheduled maintenance checks to emergency repairs. Are you having issues with your electrical panel? Do you want to upgrade from a fuse panel to a more modern circuit breaker? Does turning on one appliance make your lights flash? Are you hearing strange buzzing sounds, or receiving alarmingly high electrical bills in the mail? Give us a call. It doesn’t matter if it is Friday night or Saturday morning, we’ll be there to help you. We guarantee it.

24-Hour Electrician

Electrical problems don’t keep regular business hours, nor do they wait until a convenient time to strike. When you least expect it, that’s when your home gets hit by a shortage or your fusebox blows out at your business. We hope this never happens to you, but we’ve even heard about Camas residents waking up in the middle of the night to discover an electrical fire due to faulty wiring.

No matter what time of day or night it is, you can trust that when you call Alvis Electrical Inc. will be there to handle your emergency electrical needs as soon as we can.

Other companies might not take calls out of regular service hours, but we always will. And all that’s required of you? Hold onto our phone number. Store it in your contact list, throw us in your address book, or stick our number on your fridge. Think of Alvis Electrical Inc. as your secret weapon against unwanted electrical problems. Faulty wiring, power outages and outmoded electrical panels don’t stand a chance against us!

What To Do in a Power Outage

Has your power gone out just as you were putting the finishing touches on your weekday meal? Were you looking for your Halloween decorations in the basement when all the lights suddenly turned off? There are few things more frustrating than an outage when you need power the most. It can be hard to find your way around your home, and it can be even harder to compensate for the loss of power. Your first order of business should be to call your local electrician at Alvis Electrical Inc. before anything else, but after you’ve gotten ahold of them, your work isn’t done!

The fact of the matter is that if your power returns suddenly and you haven’t taken the proper precautions to protect your appliances and your outlets, a sudden power surge when electricity is restored to your home or business can cause malfunctions and even electrical fires. That surge could even knock out your power once more!

After calling an emergency electrician, move quickly to address the following steps:

  • Check the source of your power. Is it possible your breaker has just been overloaded and shut off automatically? Reset your circuit breakers to be sure. If you have a fuse panel, check to see if any fuses have blown.
  • Turn off power to appliances. As soon as you’ve determined the fault isn’t with your electrical breakers or fuses, it’s crucial that you shut off your power. We know it sounds counterintuitive, but if that power suddenly returns and your appliances aren’t hooked up to surge protectors, a sudden power surge could disable them for good. What’s the point of having electricity if none of your appliances work?
  • Find your power safety kit. Every home should have a well-stocked kit with bottled water, nonperishable food, and flashlights or candles in case power is out for an extended period of time. While the pros at Alvis Electrical Inc. can restore your power quickly, if it’s out city-wide, you may need it! Light those candles, bring out the wool blankets, and sit tight until the power is restored to your city’s grid.
  • Keep your refrigerators and freezers closed as much as possible. You’ll likely need to open the fridge here and there, but don’t make the mistake of leaving it open for too long. A refrigerator, if closed, will keep food cold for approximately four hours. A large freezer, if completely full, will hold its temperature for about 48 hours. If it is only half-full, you are looking at 24 hours.

We Will Resolve Your Electrical Issues

With any electrical work, it is always best to consult a professional before attempting to solve the problem yourself, so if you are in need of some assistance we encourage you to call Alvis Electrical Inc. today.

Many homeowners feel comfortable tackling home repairs themselves. If a lightbulb needs replacing, they’ll replace it. If a door falls off its hinges, they’ll grab their screwdriver and a few screws and get to work. Electrical repairs, however, aren’t for the unlicensed or amateur homeowner. Before you perform any electrical repairs, ask yourself, do you have special gloves to protect yourself from electrocution? Are you sure you have accurately diagnosed your electrical problem? Do you know whether your repair work will be in compliance with the Canadian Electrical Code? Are you even aware of those electrical standards?

We understand if you are worried about the cost of emergency electrical repairs. But just consider the costs of any mistakes you or an amateur electrician might make. The licensed professionals at Alvis Electrical Inc. won’t make those mistakes.

Alvis Electrical Inc. takes pride in the ability to provide Camas with competitively priced electrical work that is honest and professional. The experienced staff at Alvis Electrical Inc. are able to swiftly diagnose any electrical problems you are experiencing, and then work around the clock to resolve them, ensuring you aren't left in the dark any longer.

Our Electricians are Reliable, Professional and Affordable

Alvis Electrical Inc. was founded in response to the lack of quality electrical companies in Camas. Too often Camas residents are forced to deal with service that is subpar, electricians who are late, and work that fails to live up to the lofty promises companies have made. By offering affordable 24/7 support, Alvis Electrical Inc. is able to offer service that goes above and beyond what other companies are capable of.

Alvis Electrical Inc.'s goal is simple: to provide Camas home and business owners with work they can count on, and to at all times maintain the professional attitude and dedication to client care that we have emphasized from the very start.

24- Hour Electrical Emergency Services

As electricians, we understand how disruptive electrical problems can be, which is why we work hard to resolve the issues as efficiently and affordably as possible. Alvis Electrical Inc. is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so no matter what time of day an electrical problem surfaces, an electrician from our team will be there to solve it at your earliest convenience.

When your electrical panel fails you, there’s only one thing required of you. Don’t worry, it’s just a simple task.

What is it?

Call us, that’s what! Simple as that.

Contact Alvis Electrical Inc. For Your Electrical Needs

Even if you're not currently in need of our services, it always pays to be prepared—some of our clients have even told us they keep a stack of our business cards on hand, just in case they need help at a moment's notice!

With Alvis Electrical Inc., you can rest easy knowing our friendly, licensed electricians will be on hand to provide a solution for any electrical problems you're experiencing, no matter how big or small it is.

Join the other Camas residents who look to Alvis Electrical Inc. when they're in need, and call us today.